Dave Hurban, A Crazy Man Implants iPod in Arm

A Man Dave Hurban has gone crazy while he has implanted an iPod in arm. The procedure of implantation of iPod took almost 3o minutes. He first attached 4 magnets to the back of his iPod nano, while it took two weeks  for his arm to be cured. After that he attached the Apple iPod nano portable device with the magnets.

The daredevil Dave Hurban said, after implanting the iPod in arm, he was able to test his new accessory while having a job in the park. He is much curious upon his adventure, and it is an amazing fact that he has done with courage after getting wild. But it is not a good thing that he has altered his body parts for a artificial thing.

Have a look on the pictures, in which a crazy man Dave Hurban has implanted iPod in arm, and pass your comments upon his courage and latest new techniques.

ipod-at-arm man-implants-ipod-at-arms Ipod-implants-at-arm

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