Cruel Behavior with Prisoners in Israel

United Kingdom: British media has revealed the cruel behavior with prisoners in Israel jails. The prisoner number is concealed into the body by hot red iron rod, and the number is not recoverable for the entire life as it is concealed into the body.

According to a special report, Israeli jail keepers shows cruel and inhuman behavior with prisoners in jails. The UK has raised its voice against the treatment of prisoners in Israel Jails, where the prisoner’s serial number is printed on his body with a red hot metal or hot iron rod. In other means the prisoner number is paved on human body by jailors of Israel. They used blazing metal for this purpose to pave the prisoner number.


In these pictures you can see the cruelty of Israeli jail keepers, who are paving the number of prisoner at his chest with blazing steal metal rod. This is the real picture of Israel published by the British media, which is showing the inhuman treatment with prisoners in Israel jails. The media of several countries has condemned the cruel treatment of Israeli jailers with prisoners. The picture has gone viral all over the social media, and people are raising voice against Israel.

This inhuman and cruel behavior of Israeli jailers is against the human rights. This is the real picture of Israel, in which they are treating jail prisoners with cruelty. We request the United Nations Human Rights Authorities to take strict action against the Israeli police and jailers who are showing the inhuman and cruel behavior with prisoners.

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