Crazy For Food – Coca Cola Pakistan Campaign 2013

The controversial brand Coca Cola has started the Food Campaign 2013 in Pakistan. Crazy For Food campaign is a part of their Cultural Leadership Program. The main purpose of this campaign to spend kindness into the hearts of people of Pakistan, where several people are upset these days due to non-availability of gas, fuel, electricity, food and many more things like these.

The Coca Cola Project has been started in Pakistan, as you can see the posters and banners in several places containing the slogan ‘Crazy For Food’. This campaign will seed the love, kindness, affection and tolerance into the mindset of Pakistani people. The Coca Cola company will promote the love for Pakistanis by started the several acts of kindness. This practice will increase the love among the citizens and people of society by spreading the goodness.


Crazy For Food is a Coca Cola Campaign in Pakistan, for which we should also so efforts to make it successful. In this way we can earn virtues by spreading the love in society. This is a special campaign in this era in Pakistan, where people are crazy for food, and just working hard to meet the daily food expenses of their lives. Therefore they have become rude, and this campaign will give them peace by spreading love among them.

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