Crazy Arab Youngsters Lost Their Lives in a Major Car Accident – Exclusive Video

This is an exclusive video of an accident in which the Arab Youngsters have lost their lives during a car accident. The Drifting is as national sport for these Arab youngsters. They get in the brand new luxury cars and at the next moment you will never recognize the same car. They drift on the roads and don’t think about their lives. On 25/05.2012 the Friday Morning this accident was taken place in Saudi Arabia, and a footage was taken by the camera. In which you can easily see that some Arab youngsters are drifting on a Camry Car, and suddenly the car goes wrong leaving behind the separate body parts of the occupants.

This is really a major accidents, You must watch this video, and always abide by the drifting which is a death game, and nothing else.


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  1. It is a footage of major accident.

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