Complete 9 Months Pregnancy In 9 Seconds Short Video

Here is a short video of complete 9 months pregnancy, which have been explained in 9 seconds. Short video has been made during pregnancy. 4 pictures were taken after every two days during pregnancy period using the same place, dress, lighting, posing and camera setup. After the completion of 9 months pregnancy or 37 weeks, all the photos were combined into a time-lapse movie.


After the finalization of short video of 9 seconds, some funny aspects were got. The images from the full baby bump continuously bounce back to the images with a flat stomach. The process of forth and back again forth and back is observed in the video of complete pregnancy.

The 9 seconds video of complete 9 months pregnancy can also be utilized as pregnancy guide. If you are having your first pregnancy, you do not need to worry. Just have a look on the complete 9 months pregnancy video, which has been summarized in short.

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