Comedian Sikandar Sanam passed away due to Liver cancer

Karachi: Pakistan stage actor and best comedian Sikandar Sanam died due to liver cancer, a private TV channel reported about his death. But the Sikandar Sanam’s death is not confirmed yet by any of the authentic Pakistani new channel. Sikandar was a brilliant actor and comedian of Pakistan, who is famous because of parodies of different movies like Tere Nam.

From past few years he was suffering from liver cancer, and few days ago a fake news about his death was roaming over the web, while he was alive, but today a TV channel has confirmed about his death. While suffering from the liver cancer, he decided to go through the herbal treatment instead of going through operation.

He was admitted to the hospital for better treatment, but after some days he decided to leave the hospital and came back home without completing the cancer treatment at hospital. He was not a rich man, and couldn’t go to abroad for better treatment of liver cancer. His family requested the government for the medical and financial support, as the Sikandar Sanam was an asset of the country being an experienced and famous stage actor and comedian.


Brother of Sikandar, Shahbaz also approached the government requesting to bear the expenses of medical, but the government took no any action to save the life of Pakistani comedian Sikandar Sanam, so he succumbed to liver cancer.

Whereas the services and acting career of Sikandar Sanam is concerned, he has performed in several stage shows, and parody movies. He became famous when the Tere Naam 2 that was the parody of Indian movie was released. It is a huge loss for Pakistani stage and theater. May his soul rest in peace.

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