CNG Association refuses to sell gas on lower prices

Islamabad: Ghayyas Paracha, the President CNG Association has refused to sell CNG gas on the new prices decided by Supreme Court. The Association has decided to sell CNG gas on old rates on CNG stations until the regularization of CNG new rates.

As Chief Justice Pakistan of Supreme Court has announced new rates for CNG gas, the CNG stations are not ready to sell the gas on these rates, and they are ready to sell CNG on old rates as there is no notification by Supreme Court of Pakistan. But on the orders and direction of Supreme Court, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has decreased the CNG gas rates by Rs. 30.90 per Kg.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) was being sold on higher prices since long in Pakistan. Chief Justice Pakistan took the notice of this mishap and reduced its prices.


While talking to media, Ghayyas Paracha told about an urgent meeting which was called to devise the strategy regarding decision. As Petroleum Ministry has ordered to close all the CNG stations, but he said the station will remain close until the new rates are not formulated keeping in view the operational cost of CNG stations.

It was declared that the petroleum prices will be regularized on lower rates from 1st November. Meanwhile quarrels and disputes between CNG station employees and customers are being raised as reported by the media, because people are demanding CNG on lower rates, while the CNG stations’ owners are refusing to sell CNG on lower prices, as there is no any notification from the Supreme Court.

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