Christian’s Colony- Houses on Fire in Lahore, Pakistan

Almost 40 houses of Christian community have been set on fire in Christian colony Lahore, Pakistan by protestors on Saturday. According to the media report, almost 3,000 protesters entered the Badami Bagh area and burnt out the houses of christian community. The protesters were not belonging to any political party, but the fire was ignited due to some blasphemy world said by a christian.

The burnt houses of Christians in Lahore, Pakistan created a new controversy against Muslims. The burning houses of minority community were sat on fire by Muslims, who were protesting against the blasphemy violation of a christian. The police reached the situation, but couldn’t control it, as the people were throwing stones and other heavy things on police. In the incident the S.P. Sohail Sukhera was also got injured along with the other police companions.


Few days ago a Muslim man Shahi Imran accused Savan alias Bubby (Christian) for blasphemy violation. Later on Imran filed an FIR against Savan (Bubby). When Shahi Imran was asked about the incident, he replied that he had left the situation, when he saw the people coming to burn houses of Christians. He is not responsible for the burning houses of Christians. The police told the media that Savan had already been arrested and shifted to a confidential place by the Punjab Police.

According to another media report, Shafiq Ahmed was leading this protest against Christian community. In this incident almost 100 houses have been affected by the attackers or protesters. While some sources are telling the quantity of affected Christian houses are 40. After the incident a big number of Christians have left their residents and community.

Chief Minister Punjab has announced the remunerations for the construction of their houses again after being burnt. Mian Shahbaz Sharif has announced the quick construction of destroyed or affected houses from the government funds.

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