China to build world’s tallest skyscraper Sky City in 90 days

China aims to build world’s largest building in a very short time of 90 days, as it has already set a world record by completing the Burj Khalifa in 15 days. They completed almost 2 stories per day as the building has 30 floors. China is again going to set a world record and put its name at Guinness Book of Records by breaking the previous record of construction of building in shortest time.

There is no doubt, because China can make this tallest skyscraper in the shortest time of 90 days. The largest or tallest skyscraper is aimed to be built before March 2013 in Changsha City near Siangjang River. Whereas the specifications of the building are concerned, it will be 2,749 feet high and have 220 floors. They aim to complete five floors of the building per day.


The building will be named as Sky City in China. The specialty of the building is that it will have 83% of the space for the residential purposes, and other space will be used for offices, restaurants, shops and some other purposes. Architects are designing the buildings keeping in view the natural disasters, so China claims that the largest building will have a resistance of earthquakes up to 9.0 magnitudes.

The tallest building will also be able to resist fire up to first three hours. Thermal insulation, four-paned windows, and novel air conditioning will become a part of the techniques used in the building. People are waiting to see it building soon, as it will be the highest building in China and completed in shortest time i.e. 90 days.

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  1. China is going to write its name in Guinness Book of World Records soon, almost in March 2013.

  2. When i shall visit Burj Khalifa, i has planned to live there at my Dubai Visit, Then i will see the highness of the building and its structure made by the Chinese.

  3. The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building ever, and the record breaking construction was just completed in a short time.

  4. China is the world’s famous country in the race of technology, so it can be done by Chinese engineers.

  5. China is building the tallest plaza in China. It will be so high and the completion time is too short. The architects will show their ability to make the highest building in very short period of time.

  6. Chinese can do this in given time, as they have technology.

  7. This longest and highest building is going to be built in China.

  8. what equipment will be used to build this building in shortest period of time?

  9. It will be the most tallest building of the world.

  10. thank you for the report,My difficulty has been resolved.

  11. Nice post.

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