Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif sings a song on Punjab Youth Festival

Lahore: Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif found singing a song “Akeley na jana hamein chor kar” in the opening ceremony of Punjab Youth Festival. In the opening ceremony of the event, the youth showed their spirit and love for the the country i.e. Pakistan by making a world record and writing the name of Pakistan in Guinness Book of World Records.

The students, athletes, and audience sung the Pakistani national anthem together and set a world record. Almost 70,000 participants were present in the ceremony of Punjab Youth Festival to show the world that they are united. The Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif also encouraged the youth by singing song in the opening ceremony.

Chief Minister has previously read a poem i.e. “Main Nahi Manta Main Nahi Manta” which also became famous in the Political world that Chief Minister of Pakistani is singing a song or poem in the assembly.


Chief Minister Punjab always supports the youth by assuming it the future of Pakistan. It is also a fact that youth can change everything with zeal and zest. It is only the Shahbaz Sharif who can bring like this gathering, where almost 70,000 people were present to show the patriotic emotions for the country. The Punjab youth love Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif, as he is bringing the new opportunities for the young and educated people of Pakistan.

You can have a look on this video, where Shahbaz Sharif is singing a song “Akeley na Jana” after setting a world record, where the whole world heard the national anthem of Pakistan.

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  1. He is only the Shahbaz Sharif you can bring the youth at front, as he is proved in the Punjab Youth festival. He showed the spirit by singing the song in the National Hockey Stadium of Lahore.

  2. Previously he has also read a piece of poetry in the Punjab Assembly i.e. Main Nahi Manta, Main Nahi Manta.

  3. The man is really working hard to bring the youth at front, but people never refrain from making the controversies regarding these leaders, as someone once made a scandal of Shahbaz Sharif that he uses the drugs.

  4. It is a beautiful video of Punjab Youth Festival and a beautiful moment, where the Chief Minister Punjab is singing a song i.e. Akeley na jana hamein chor kar tum.

  5. Shahbaz Sharif is supporitng the youth as he has described her emotions by singing a song.

  6. Akeley na Jana Hamein chor kar tum was a great song sung by chief minister of Punjab.

  7. I like the Chief Minister song. Akele na jana

  8. He is encouraging the youth of Pakistan.

  9. The Punjab Youth Festival is taking the new steps.

  10. I want to participate in the youth festival program, whats the process to join?

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