Catherine Zeta-Jones at Oscars night tribute to movie musicals

Catherine Zeta-Jones is all set to take a part in Oscars Night Tribute to movie musicals. She also added that there is no prize for those who have tipped to join her for guessing dance man Hugh Jackman and Aussie Song.

The producer of Academy Award has confirmed that the big night is going to take place for paying tribute to musicals for the last few years including Dreamgirls and Chicago. The producer has been inspired by the Les Miserable, which had been nominated for Oscars along with Best Actor for Jackman.

Producer Neil Meron and Craig Zadan told the media that in last decade, musical as motion picture genre previously had a amazing renaissance.

Catherine Zeta-Jones, winner of Best Supporting Actress Oscar Award in 2003 for Chicago, has decided to take a part in Oscar Night Tribute to movie musicals. Zeta-Jones while talking about her cerebral thriller Side Effects in Los Angeles told the media in a humorous way that She needs to try some pills to form the basis of, so that it could go through the Oscars performance. She is excited about the musical tribute night, where she is ready to give a stunning and amazing performance.


Zeta Jones also passed comments upon her performance at Oscars Night, where she is going to pay tribute to movie musicals. She told that she doesn’t know what she is going to do there, as she also doesn’t know about the capacity in which she may be at Oscars. But she is doing well to be a part of this movie musical tribute at Oscars Night.

It is also heard that Jennifer Hudson, who is also an Oscar winner for Dreamgirls is taking a part at musical tribute night along with Meryl Streep (Mama Mia) and John Travolta (Hairspray). According to great news, the Les Miserables cast, including Samantha Barks and Anne Hathaway will also perform at Oscars Night on a medley song from 273-million-grossing movie. Adele will also be there to give an outstanding performance at her Bond Theme song from the movie Skyfall.

Whereas the Academy Awards are concerned, they are going to take place on 25 February, 2013. The co-stars of movie Side Effects including Jude Law and Channing Tatum will open the cinemas on February 28.

The Academy Awards take place on February 25 according to Australian time. Side Effects, which co-stars Jude Law and Channing Tatum, opens in cinemas on February 28. The fans of Catherine Zeta-Jones are willing to see her beautiful and hot pictures at Oscars Night, where she is ready for a performance to pay tribute to the movie musicals.

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