Pakistan Test Fires Hatf II Abdali Missile on 14 Feb 2013


Pakistan successfully test fires the land-based ballistic missile system Hatf II Abdali Missile on 14th February 2013. It is a short range surface-to-surface missile, and almost 180KM is the area of its range. ISPR has also give comments upon the successful missile system. The location of the test is still …

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Air hostess Geetika Sharma’s mother commits suicide


After the sad news of air hostess Geetika Sharma suicide, her mother hanged herself till death and committed suicide at her own home on Friday. Geetika’s mother was living with her husband and son in Ashok Vihar area situated in national capital. Indian Girl Geetika Sharma was an air hostess …

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Russian Muslims against law banning hijabs in schools


On behalf of Russian Muslims, Moscow Lawyer Murad Musayev has filed a lawsuit against law banning Hijabs in Schools. Hijab is a religious head dress of women or girls, so Russia must lift the ban from Hijab wearing in Schools. The Russian Muslims are seeking to overturn the regional government …

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World’s Oldest Woman Refused to Remove Her Scarf


The world’s oldest woman of 124-years belongs to Palestine and has refused to remove her scarf in front of Guinness World Records Team. She was a real Muslim woman, who had lived 124 years and become the world’s oldest woman. Her son and grandson were also supporting her in refusal to …

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