Doctor Injects Girl’s Bums with Cement


A Doctor from Miami (US) has done a worst plastic surgery of a girl in a manner that which is not suiting at all, as it looks like horror movie. It is a worst plastic surgery of girl’s hips, where a doctor injects a mixture of cement, superglue and oil …

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Major Electricity Power Outages & Faults in Pakistan


Pakistani nation went into darkness due to the power outages in the country. National Power Control Centre (NPCC) has become faulty, as the apparatus are malfunctioning on Sunday. The electricity in different cities of Pakistan is shutdown. Including Karachi a large part of Pakistan is facing electricity shortages. In Sindh, …

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Sharmila Farooqi Engagement Ceremony On 3rd March 2013


Pakistani female politician Sharmila Farooqi is ready to get engaged with Hasham Riaz Sheikh. The engagement ceremony will take place on 2rd March 2013 (Sunday). Sharmila Farooqi had decided to marry Hasham Riaz Sheikh in 2012. He is the son of former Director General Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) Ahmed Riaz …

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MNA/MPA Application Forms by PMLN For Election 2013


Application forms for MNA and MPA are available for download by PMLN on their official website. The general election 2013 will be taking place in the same year and many candidates are looking to become electable by getting the tickets of renowned parties (PML-N, PTI, PPPP and MQM). Pakistan Muslim …

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5000 Ducks Stop Traffic – Amazing Accident


Somewhere in world 5000 ducks comes on road and stops traffic leaving an amazing accident. I have seen some amazing pictures of ducks, who have stopped traffic. It was a big group of ducks, who stopped the traffic. The ducks’ pictures i am copying have been taken from the accident, …

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Superette Cocoon Armchair – Pictures and Review


If you feel uncomfortable while sitting on an armchair, then you need Superette Cocoon Armchair. Which is especially designed to make you comfortable while sitting at your home. The Superette Cocon Armchair van Céline Merhand and Anaïs can make you enable to watch movies and television at your home while …

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