Pakistani Girls and Dance Parties in Colleges


Dancing Pakistani Girls are usually found during the dance parties in colleges, schools and universities. Another leaked video has come up to the media, in which Pakistani girls are dancing in vulgar dresses. It has become the trend in private colleges that they arrange events, while girls and boys both …

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Scientists Discovers Telepathy & Sixth Sense in Rats


According to an amazing search, scientists have discovered sixth sense in rats. Rats have ability to sense infrared lights through telepathy. They belong sixth sense to telepathy, but it is an amazing thing which science has discovered that rats can do telepathy means have 6th sense. The rats have passed …

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Christian’s Colony- Houses on Fire in Lahore, Pakistan


Almost 40 houses of Christian community have been set on fire in Christian colony Lahore, Pakistan by protestors on Saturday. According to the media report, almost 3,000 protesters entered the Badami Bagh area and burnt out the houses of christian community. The protesters were not belonging to any political party, …

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Sherry Rehman Blasphemy Case FIR Scandal


Senior Leader of Pakistan Peoples Party Sherry Rehman has been sued under blasphemy act. An FIR has been registered by Multan Police on the request of complainant Faheem Gill. BBC Urdu reported about the controversy and scandal. Sherry is a Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States, who has been working …

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LG Introduces World’s Smallest Wireless Charger For Mobiles


SEOUL: LG has announced the world’s smallest charger ever, which is wireless charger for smartphones or mobiles. At World Congress in Barcelona, the LG has announced the great invention by the company in the field of smartphone chargers. The hockey puck wireless charger charges up Qi-compatible devices, dubbed the ECP-300 …

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