Peel Wall Lamps by YOY Ideas – Pictures


Peel Wall Lamps have been designed by the space designer Naoki Ono. The product designer Yuuki Yamamoto of YOY Ideas has also put efforts to make this an amazing lamp. This lamps has been designed keeping in view the uniqueness, and the original artwork has been done. The amazing concept …

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Quack Muzzles For Dogs By OPPO


The exclusive and latest funny quack muzzle for dogs has brought up by OPPO. These muzzles looks beautiful that can make your dog just like a duck. The fancy art work has been done by Oppo while making these Oppo Quack Muzzles. These fancy quack muzzles are giving an exclusive …

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Shark Socks By Lisa Grossman


The ‘shark socks’ is a beautiful concept by Lisa Grossman, who have made it with knitted cloths. This really suits your legs and looks funky. Whenever you want to get some funny and amazing socks, the ‘Shark Socks’ is a great idea for your need. If you want to buy …

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