Apple Inc Ranked Number One by Forbes


Apple Inc named Number one by Forbes Magazine even after a big drop in share price. Apple has become the most unique brand in the field of mobile technology, and Forbes Magazine 2013 has ranked Apple Inc as No. 1 among the cell phone manufacturing companies in all over the …

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Scientists Discovers Telepathy & Sixth Sense in Rats


According to an amazing search, scientists have discovered sixth sense in rats. Rats have ability to sense infrared lights through telepathy. They belong sixth sense to telepathy, but it is an amazing thing which science has discovered that rats can do telepathy means have 6th sense. The rats have passed …

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Most Famous Cartoons From The Past


In previous years or past the cartoons were usual entertainment. Now we like the Cartoons from the past, as they remind us about our childhood memories. In childhood we were pleased while watching the famous and classic cartoons. We had many things to do, but watching cartoons on TV was …

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The Snake Cake – Amazing Edible Snake


The Snake Cake idea has become popular in Europe, where people used to make Amazing edible snake cakes. This funny and amazing picture of snake is not a real snake, it is just a cake that can be served on parties, birthdays, events and anniversaries. Edible Snake is an amazing …

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Youngest Female Billionaire in America ‘Lynsi Torres’


Latest Bloomberg report revealed that Lynsi Torres (President of In-N-Out-Burger) is the youngest female Billionaire of America. She has been entitled as youngest female billionaire in US. The youngest billionaire Lynsi Torres has neither any college degree nor formal management training, while she is running an amazing hamburgers business in …

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Rallies on 5 February Kashmir Day in Pakistan


Lahore: Several parties are decided to conduct rallies on Kashmir Day (5th January 2013) against India in Pakistan. Ameer, Jamaat-e-Islami Syed Munawar Hassan has appealed to the people of Pakistan to take a part in rallies on Kashmir Day. The demonstration will show complete solidarity with Kashmiri brothers. Kashmir day …

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All about beauty pageants and beauty contests


Beauty contests are about beauty pageants or a competition, where several girls from all over the world takes position to prove themselves as Miss World, Miss Universe, swimsuit contests, and Miss of country. The beauty pageants take place almost every year, in which several titles are given to the beautiful …

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Tattoo Implanting is major cause of Hepatitis


Washington (APP, Net News): According to American medical experts, tattoo implanting can be a major cause of diseases like hepatitis. It increases the chances of hepatitis. It is a natural fact that whenever we disturb the nature, it results in some side effects, so the tattoo implanting side effect is …

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