Cannibalism in North Korea – People Dieing with Hunger

Pyongyang: North Korea is on the way to Cannibalism due to hunger, from which people are dieing. Starvation has become the major problem in South Korea, where almost 10 thousand people have already died due to hunger.

The chances of Cannibalism are increasing in North Korea, as some incidents have already been taken into notice that people are eating the human meat. The starvation has become the major problem of North Korea, which is still standing in the country instead of high rate of aid, which is being received from the several countries of the world. The food and drinks are not available for the citizen, and this situation is creating other huge problems in the North Korea.

Recently in an incident, police killed a father who was trying to kill his children for eating their meat. According to another media report, a grandfather ate the flesh of his grandson’s dead body after getting his dead body by digging his grave. Another report is also belonged to the same area, where a man boiled his own child to satisfy his hunger.


The nation is criticizing the President of North Korea, who is investing a huge amount of money in testing of two rocket fires instead of the clearing the hunger problem in North Korea. Nuclear weapons are not important than the hungry people of the country.

The people are also criticizing the government of North Korea that where is the aid, which is being received on the account of hungry children. The world is helping the poor families of North Korea, but the aid is not being served for the poor families and hungry people of North Korea.

Korea was just going on the road of development, but it is really hard for listening that someone is eating the human meat, even the bodies of one’s own children. So North Korean government must take some immediate steps to reduce the cannibalism, where people are dieing with hunger, and for surveillance they are eating the flesh and meat of their own children.

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