Bikini Basketball League Coming Up For Inaugural Season

This is for the all fans of Lingerie Football League, who are very much worried and wondering about what they will enjoy or watch when the season ends, but you can stop worrying, The Bikini Basketball League is just starting here after the football league.

The Bikini Basketball League consists of the following seven teams:-

  • Chicago Desire
  • The Miami Spice
  • The Orlando Lady Cats
  • The Los Angeles Ice
  • Atlanta Fleet Angels
  • The Hollywood Hotties and two others.

The tryouts have already started or taken place in the different cities, and the league will be underway in the summer 2013.


This is the most wanted and competitive basketball league of the world, so anyone is definitely looking for girls that will be able to play. Miami Spice Representative told the Miami New Times that It is in fact a bikini league, in which the beautiful girls will be playing basketball while wearing short or hot bikinis, so all the girls will be looking hot and good in bikinis, it is must.

The league has taken its share of ridicule, and the Lingerie Football league has actually produced the highlights. It has also gained the attention of people for hosting its Lingerie Bowl on the Super Bowl Sunday.

There is no comments regarding whether the Bikini Basket Ball League’s Final will at the same day with the NBA Finals. But as the summer schedule is planned, the league will be going shoulder to shoulder against the WNBA. If any updates comes about Bikini Basketball League, Funbench will be fast enough to publish here.

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  1. I am so much curious about it, and i will definitely watch the whole league or matches.

  2. When it is starting ? I like the every session of this basketball where girls plays while wearing a bikini dress.

  3. I like the basketball league due to the hot bikini girls.

  4. The girls with sexy and hot bikinis play the basket ball, and gives stunning and seductive looks.

  5. A lot of people watch the bikini girls in bikini basketball just for their enjoyment, as they have no interest in the winning team, they only like the beautiful girls with bikini and their figure.

  6. I also watch the whole league just to see the beautiful and hot figures of girls in bikini.

  7. I am a big fan of bikini basketball, where hot girls from all over the world gathered in bikini dresses.

  8. I always love to watch the whole league, where girls shows their spirit in basketball. The live audience in the stadium really enjoys the festival.

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