Amazing Biggest Giant Size Watermelon – Never Seen Before

A boy is fetching a giant size or big watermelon on a bicycle. This is looking as a funny picture, as such i have never seen like this big watermelon over the earth. But after discussing with a close friend of mine, it came to my knowledge that the giant size watermelon also exists in this world. This type of watermelon is found in some areas of Pakistan, but as you see in this picture a Chinese guy is riding this watermelon on the bicycle. The land of Pakistan as well as of India is very productive and give huge quantity of different fruits and vegetables. But after seeing this image, it seems that these land of China is also much productive, which is giving a huge size big watermelon. In this modern age where fruits are also growing after making cross of different plants and trees, and come in different sizes from different areas of the world, this giant size watermelon can also took growth in these areas.


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  1. Its really a funny picture with heavy fruit.

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