Biggest Hips in the World: Mikel Ruffinelli Pictures

Mikel Ruffinelli owned the biggest hips in the world. The measurement of hips are 8 feet in circumference. She has written her name in Guinness Book of World Records by having these amazing body parts.

World’s Biggest Hips have been recorded by the Guinness World Records. These hips are really big. Mikel Ruffinelli told that after giving birth to her first son, her hips started growing day by day and went towards a world record breaking incident. She tried her level best to loose weight, but her hips could not be reduced in size.

The size of hips are really big, or you can say the biggest hips. But now after trying very hard to loose hips weight she is now happy with her hips size. She has maintained her figure to be in the world record for a long time. She takes almost 3,000 calories per day to keep the shape of her hips big. These are the largest hips of the world according to measurement but are not physical attractive.

Have a look on the Mikel Ruffinelli’s biggest hips pictures. The world’s biggest hips are just awesome but not hot. Pass your comments upon these pictures of biggest hips.






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