Bhagyashree Dassani family pictures with Avantika and Abhimanyu

Bhagyashree Dassani is one of the top innocent actresses or celebrities of Bollywood film industry. She was a TV actress, but due to her debut movie with Salman Khan i.e. “Main ney Pyar Kiya”, she got a lot of fame and made a fan club touching the heart of people. Bhagyashree Dassani’s husband is living happily with her and most of the times describes her beauty and innocence. She looks like the late Divya Bharti, who was also an innocent celebrity of Bollywood Cinema.

Bhagyashree Dassani was married in the earlier times of her or you can say in very short age. She has two daughters Avantika and Abhimanyu who seems to be her sisters instead of daughters. Bhagyashree Dassani Husband is one of the lucky man who has like this innocent and beautiful wife that looks always young and being more pretty with the passage of time. When first time in Bollywood Cinema she appeared, her fans were crazy about her and a lot of people were willing to marry her. But the Dassani was one of the lucky man to marry her. The Television actress turned Bollywood celebrity for a short period of time, but earn a huge fame due to her first debut movie with Salman Khan, after that she couldn’t continue to her work.

Have a look on the pictures of Bhagyashree Dassani with husband and daughters Avantika and Abhimanyu who are just looking like her sisters instead of daughters. These are the exclusive family pictures.






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  1. Yes you are right i like her innocent.

  2. Its amazing to see her again, as the bhagishree has maintained her figure even having he young children.

  3. She is so young yet in this age and after having young children.

  4. She still looks so young and more prettier than her daughters. She is one of the golden heroins of Bollywood. I like the innocence on her face which was initially appeared in Main Ney Pyar Kiya with Salman Khan. She has also a beautiful and innocent voice, therefore she has a huge fan club in India as well as in Pakistan.

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