Beautiful Townhouse with a Living Room Pool: Manahttan Marvel

Manahttan Marvel is a beautiful townhouse, which has a beautiful swimming pool in the living room. According to the housing authority, you are not allowed to build a swimming pool in living room, but this house is almost 35-years old and was built in 1975 in Chelsea neighborhood in New York. So it is tolerated by the Housing authority of United States.

According to the authority’s rules and regulations, you can never make a swimming pool in your room. But this beautiful townhouse is well decorated with several accessories and has a pool in living room of 2.5 meters depth.

When you go for a dip in pool, it takes a lot of effort to go outside your some, but it can relax your body. But the residents of beautiful five story townhouse in Chelsea feel take it easy and go to their living room to have a dive in the fresh water and enjoy the swimming. The outside of the house is also well decorated, and one can not know that it has a swimming pool in the living room. Have a look on the pictures of Chelsea Townhouse Manahttan Marvel, which contains a swimming pool in the living room.






living living room has a 30,000 gallons, eight feet deep swimming pool, and it is equipped with a swing. It is a massive and memorable piece of New York property. It is not just a smaller pool in living room for turtles, but it is as usual as others. The other parts of the house like drawing room, TV lounge, Study Rooms, Living rooms and library room are also well furnished. This is really a dream house and owner of the house has put his efforts to make it more precious and memorable.

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