Beautiful Historical Bhong Mosque of Rahim Yar Khan

Bhong Mosque is one of the beautiful and historical places of Rahim Yar Khan constructed by Sardar Rais Ghazi Mohammad. He is a famous and prominent political and social personality of Rahim Yar Khan, who was a landlord of large estate in Bhong Village of RYK, Tehsil Sadiqabad in 1932, before the freedom day.

The Bhong Mosque was constructed in Bhong village, which is about 300 kilometers far from Bhahawalpur. This is a beautiful and amazing mosque in Pakistan, which is said to be an art. For artistic work and calligraphy, Sardar Rais Ghazi engaged the artisans and calligraphers from Turkey, Spain, Iran and Pakistan. They showed their art and made the Bhong Mosque a wonder.

Pictures of Bhong Mosque in Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan.

A huge amount of money was spent on the construction of Bhong Mosque and the material used was of expensive and high quality. The theme of the mosque was of traditional style and ivory, marble, teak, onyx, colored glass, fresco, glazed tiles, gilded tracery, expensive mirrors, modern ceramics, colored cement tiles, wrought iron, artificial stones, synthetic marbleized industrial tiles and terrazzos were used during its construction. The material was of high quality and expensive.

Initially the mosque was designed and constructed on a small concept, but after that a prayer hall, Madrassa, residential building (dormitories) for students and visitors and Islamic library for women were also constructed. The Bhong Mosque is just amazing and beautiful, as it is one of the famous historical places of Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan.

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