Bal Thackeray against the Pakistan tour to India

New Delhi: Anti-Muslim group of Shiv Sena is opposing the Pakistani cricket team tour to India, which is expected in next month i.e. December 2012. In this tour Pakistan will play two T20 international and 3 one-day cricket matches against the rivals.

Bal Thackeray who is the leader of Shev Sena group criticized the Mahmohan Singh’s government on the issue of Pakistani cricket team visit to India. According to the sources Former Indian cricketers Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil Dev also defended the Bal Thackeray to give their comments against the Pakistan tour.

Shiv Sena Group has been working against the Muslims since long, but when the own granddaughter of Bal Thackeray got married with a Muslim man, it was a big stigma for Thackeray. The extremist group of Shiv Sena is working against Muslims in the leadership of Bal Thackeray, while his granddaughter has performed marriage with a Muslim man. It is the real point to ponder for the Shiv Sena Group.


Thackeray also added while talking about Pakistani team that it is the insult of martyred which died in 2001 parliament attack and in 2008 Mumbai terror attack, if Pakistani team is allowed to play the cricket match in India in T20 series. In one of the past incident almost in 1991, Anti-Islam group i.e. Shiv Sena dug up the pitch at Mumbai Wankhede Stadium while protesting against the cricket match between Pakistan and India.

Bal Thackeray hates Muslims and works always against them. He always remains busy in making propaganda against the Muslims being an Anti-Islam leader of Shiv Sena Group. It is being expected that If Pakistani cricket team visit the India for T20 matches then it will be given high profile security in India, because Shiv Sena Group may plans to attack Pakistani cricket team in India, being a leader of group working against Muslims.

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  1. Shame on you Thackeray, stop making plans against Muslims, your granddaughter has given you a lesson.

  2. Bal Thackeray is the leader of exteremist group working against Muslims in India.

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