Ayesha Omar And Maria Wasti Hot Scandal Pictures on Trip

The Sizzling Actresses Ayesha Omar and Maria Wasti are enjoying on beach while a Thailand trip. These exclusive pictures of Ayesha Omar and Maria Wasti have been revealed over the web. These leaked pictures are taken during a vacant trip of Ayesha Omar and Maria Wasti, where they are taking sun bath and enjoying on the beach wearing shorts skirts. she was wearing a bikini dress while taking bath in the deep water. Have a Look on the Hot pictures of Ayesha and Maria Wasti.

Ayesha being a gorgeous and superb actress having good and charming look has done many jewelry photo shoots and makeup and bridal photo shoots, But now a days she is a famous actress due to a drama Bulbulley, in which she is working with Nabeel and entertaining the people. Most of the Pakistani actress and models are used to go abroad in the vacations, and when they go abroad they change their getup and attitude towards the fashion. When they wear shorts, the media is very much fast to capture their snapshots in different locations to make new scandals. These Pakistani babes are also doing weird acts in abroad, while media is capturing their snaps.

After revealing these Hot pictures Ayesha became famous among the Pakistan Media and showbiz industry. She has doing work for many Pakistani fashion designers. As these exclusive pictures have become a part of internet media and social networking sites, but Ayesha Omar is not taking tension about the scandal the public has made due to the releasing of these images with Maria Wasti.

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  1. Both Ayesha and Maria are looking hot in the bikini dresses over the beach.

  2. Both are the famous, bold and hot actress of Pakistan.

  3. Both the actresses are looking hot and bold in these photos, which were taken by someone over the beach, where they were enjoying.

  4. both are bitchs right or wrong reply must

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