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Doctor Injects Girl’s Bums with Cement


A Doctor from Miami (US) has done a worst plastic surgery of a girl in a manner that which is not suiting at all, as it looks like horror movie. It is a worst plastic surgery of girl’s hips, where a doctor injects a mixture of cement, superglue and oil …

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Sharmila Farooqi Engagement Pictures


Pakistani female politician Sharmila Farooqi’s engagement pictures with Fiance Hasham Riaz Sheikh have been roaming over the web. PPP’s senior leader is going to marry Hasham Riaz Sheikh, the son of Ahmed Riaz Sheikh (DG FIA) soon. She is looking so gorgeous and beautiful in her engagement photographs. She is …

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Underwater Photography Gallery By Zena Holloway


Underwater Photographer Zena Holloway has come up with amazing pictures of underwater photography gallery. A girl in white dress is being seen in these portraits. The Zena has used the weightlessness in these photographs of underwater art gallery. Underwater Photography is an art, which is showing you some amazing facts. …

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10 Crazy Killer Barbies


These pictures of crazy killer barbies have been collected from the web. The barbie is a crazy killer in these images. We know the barbies from our childhood, when the barbies were assumed to be so beautiful and gorgeous. They were so cute and kinds of hero to us. Killer …

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Water Drop Photography, Best 20 Pictures


Water Drop Photography is an art, which has been done by several artists. These best and top 20 pictures have been collected from flicker for entertainment purpose. You can use them as water drop backgrounds for your computer desktop. Water drop images have been published here for the people who …

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