Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard falls down in India

New Delhi: Julia Gillard Australian PM has landed on her face as she fell down in front of the Gandhi Memorial in New Delhi, India. The news channels reported that it was all due to her big heels sandals. But fortunately she was no hurt in the incident.

According to another report, Julia Gillard was staring on a male journalist who was laughing on the incident, and the journalist asked her about the incident, and also told that it was all due to the big heels on grass.


When someone asked for her comments upon the incident, The Julia Gillard who is a Australian Prime Minister replied that its is easy for men to wear the flat shoes, but if they wear a heel, it will be so difficult for them to walk on grass, as the heels embed in the soft grass. When you walk on grass with flat shoes it your can walk normally, but its very difficult to put your foot up while you are walking with heels in soft grass.

As it was not a big incident, but Julia Gillard, the Australian Prime Minister was so much efficient to handle the media by giving the answer that its all due to the big heels that she had wear. When the Julia Gillard, Australian Prime Minister Fell down, her face hit by the soft grass, so she remained safe, as it was all due to the big heels, that she was wearing in her feet.

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  1. It was a funny incident, but it has become a Australian scandal now.

  2. This is a sudden incident.

  3. Common guys… this could happen with any one.

  4. Yes every person can loose the control on her long heels sandle.

  5. One should be conscious while using the high heels.

  6. Why you are making scandal of this accident.

  7. It was a weird moment for the Australian politician to loose control over her scandals.

  8. Amazing moment for political leaders.

  9. Its a natural thing, so why media is popping this news again and again?

  10. She is the Australian Prime Minister, but it can be happened with anyone.

  11. Its a natural thing, so put it down. What if Australian PM has fallen down?

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