Atiqa Odho Marry Founding Member of (PTI) Samar Ali Khan

Atiqa Odho Marriage

The stunning atiqa odho is a talented Pakistani Television Actress, Film Actress, Politician, and Television Host. She is a beautiful actress, and has earned fame in the Pakistan. Due to her superb acting and beautiful stunning style, she is a famous actress in the Films and well as in Television Dramas. She is married again with a Samar Ali Khan.

Political Carrier of Atiqa Odho

The politics has taken a new twist in Pakistan, that a member of Parves Musharaf’s Party All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) has marry the founding member of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI) Samar Ali Khan. Legendary actress atiqa odho is earned a name in the politics as well as in the showbiz, and she has now married with Samar Ali Khan on her own wish. This is the third marriage of atiqa odho and according to her views, the love can easily happen at any age.


Recent Interview of Atiqa Odhor

In a recent interview with a new channel, the love bird shared their view and feelings about each other; they also exchange views about their parties. Despite of the fact that both are from the different parties, their love seems to be genuine, and they honor each other. She said that they are two people, who have a great love and affection for the Pakistan, and this love will remain in their hearts, and they never let it go.


From their previous marriages, She has three children, while Samar has four, and now they have ensured that due to any political issue, their relation will never be hurt. As the temperature of politics in Pakistan is being warm, one can’t forecasts anything about the newly wedded couple in near future. Whereas the previous experience is concerned, she couldn’t understand her married life even having loving children. Hence Atiqa Odho is one again married, and let’s see how much time is passed under this new relation of both the politicians.


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  1. Atiqa Odho is one of the most stunning celebrities of Pakistan, and she has already worked with General Parvez Musharaf in his leadership. It is not the first time she married this is her third marriage and she is yet looking so beautiful in this age. She has already three children from other husbands and now instead of taking political carrier she is making new relation in her personal life. She is a political figure in Pakistan, and she should look forward for the development of country.

  2. She is a beautiful asset of Pakistani showbiz industry especially in Dramas. Atiqa Odho is a big name of Pakistani Drama Industry, whereas her political career is concerned she is not so much famous in politics.

  3. She is one of the hot politicians of Pakistan like Kashmala Tariq and Hina Rabbani Khar. I am a big fan of Atiqa since long as she always appears in Dramas with different superb character.

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