Asma Jahangir is Qadiani or Muslim? Expecting to be Caretaker PM

Few days ago a question was rising that Asma Jahangir belongs to Qadiani group or she is Muslim? When Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) proposed a list of nominees for care taker prime minister of Pakistan including Asma Jahangir, who has a scandalous background, the people raised questions about her religion.

Asma Jahangir is a famous lawyer and former president of Supreme Court Bar Association. She has been working as Pakistan’s active socialist for the rights of minorities of sects, children and women in Pakistan. She is running her campaign on international level. Now a days she has become a famous political figure and roaming in news headlines.

For Care Taker Prime Minister of Pakistan two names Asma Jahangir and Hussain Haroon are coming up, and it seems that Asma Jahangir will lead the Hussain Haroon. She is the expected caretaker prime minister of Pakistan. But according to different reports published on different websites, Asma Jahangir is Qadiani and belong to a non-Muslim group of Pakistan. According to the constitution of Pakistan 1973, the group of Qadiani was declared as Non-Muslims, and non-Muslim cannot become a prime minister of Pakistan.


As it was revealed that Asma Jahangir belongs to Qadiani and is non-Muslim, the people started protest against her nomination as caretaker prime minister by the so called political party PML-N. The people have condemned the name of Asma Jahangir as caretaker prime minister as she is Qadiani. According to some other reports, people are saying her father and husband were also Qadianis.



Religious groups have also conduct demonstrations against her, and they are not accepting her as a care taker prime minister. After roaming in news, the people are sharing her controversial and scandalous photos, in which she is smoking and visiting Hindus Extremists. Her pictures with Bal Thackeray were also revealed few days ago and in another picture she is standing with Indian Hindu’s Sadhu in some controversial dress.

The Question is raising about the Asma Jahangir that She should be the care taker prime minister of Pakistan or not? People are not accepting her as care taker prime minister, as the expected care taker government is coming soon in Pakistan.

Now the question arises that whether Asma Jahangir should be elected as a Caretaker Prime Minister of not.

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