Anushka Sharma And Ranveer Singh Kissing on Shahid Kapoor’s Birthday

The ‘Band Baja Baraat’ Costars present a Kiss in front of Public at Shahid Kapoor’s birthday. They showed their relationship by kissing each other. Anushka Sharma who is single and in a love with Ranveer Singh. Both the lover took the public as a witness of their love by presenting a smooch kissing scene, while public was watching them at Shahid Kapoor Birthday Bash.

When the party started, they first rocked the dance floor, as both of them are good dancers, after that they did a lip-lock showing their love to the audience or guests who were invited in the party, most of them were the Bollywood celebrities. The guest were shocked to see the Anushka Sharma while she was kissing Ranveer Singh. The act they did in the part left the guests surprised. The kissing scenes are making controversies in Bollywood. It is a surprised for Anushka’s fans that she is involved in kissing scenes.


Anushka Sharma is an innocent girl, her debut film “Rabb Ne Bana Di Jodi” with Shahrukh Khan was a hit film, just because of its songs. After her debut film she change her attitude in the Bollywood Movies and go towards the bold scenes with Ranveer Singh to earn fame in short period of time. Then she met Renveer Singh and their love took place, which they are now expressing with making of love scenes and extremely kissing each other. Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Sing are good friends as well as lovers. The Indian Media will very much expedite the process of announcement about their marriage, if it get any intimation from them, As she is in love with Ranveer Singh.

Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh came to the party together holding hands in hands, they moved in the party holding each other arms. After having few glasses of wine, they lost their consciousness and expressed their love to each other while making a kissing scene in the Shahid Kapoor Birthday Party.

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  1. Big kissing scandal, because they are kissing in public.

  2. According to some news updates, they will be married soon.

  3. She is a beautiful Bollywood Heroin and always works in the quality movies.

  4. Anushka is kissing ranbeer, because she want to marry him. The hot and sexy Bollywood girl will son marry him, therefore she is showing her love for him by kissing him in the live party.

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