Another world record – Pakistan makes largest human flag

LAHORE: Pakistan made another world record by making the largest human flag. On Punjab Youth Festival, Pakistani students made a largest picture of country flag. This is a largest human national flag made by Pakistani students or youth, which break the previous world record. 24,200 students put the color boards on their heads and made a country flag, which break the previous Guinness World Record, which was made by 21,726 students in Hong Kong in year 2007.

Where Pakistani youth made a world record by singing the national anthem in huge gathering, another world record has also been made leaving a sign of unity and love for the nation. The Guinness World Record‘s representative Gareth Deaves was also present there when Pakistani youth was making this world record. He said that it’s an amazing display, which shows the nationality and unity among the nation. The whole world was amazed to see the portrait or photo of biggest national flag in the National Stadium Lahore, where youth festival is on its top.


Before making this world record, 1,936 Pakistani students broke another world record earlier today by making the largest picture mosaic, which was formed by the people on the same event i.e. Punjab Youth Festival.

The students made picture mosaic of Lahore fort (Shahi Qila), and this picture mosaic was also said to be the world record by Pakistani youth, Guinness World Record’s representative said. The previous record of largest picture mosaic was set by Ansley McEvoy along with her friends and family in South Carolina, USA.

So Pakistani youth at Punjab Youth Festival has broken the several world records by making the new such as largest national flag portrait, singing of national anthem in huge gathering, and largest picture mosaic.

Pakistanis have broken several records in the past two days including one for most number of people singing the national anthem simultaneously.

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  1. Pakistani youth and students are breaking the previous world records one by one. Its a great thing for Pakistan.

  2. Beautiful and stunning record has been set by Pakistani youngsters, as they made the largest human flag of Pakistan breaking another previous world record in front of Guinness world record’s representatives.

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