Annie Khalid left her husband on honeymoon due to a dispute

According to a local web news, it is heard that the Annie Khalid who is married to Malik Noureed Awan has left her husband on honeymoon alone after having a trouble or quarrel on the issue of working in the music industry of Pakistan.

Annie Khalid wedding was performed to a Dubai based businessman, Malik Noureed Awan after Eid-ul-Fitar, where police raided. After marriage the couple went outside Pakistan for honeymoon. But the news has become a part of social media and social networking sites that Annie Khalid has came back to Pakistan leaving her husband alone in foreign country after having a dispute with him on the issue that he want her to leave the music industry of Pakistan.


Pakistani pop singer, Annie Khalid the super Mahiya girl should manage her relation with her husband, as the anchors and people related to showbiz are facing the marriage problems due to their career. According to another news published on the media Shaista Wahidi has got divorce from her husband and left her children behind just because of her showbiz career, which is totally wrong. She has sacrificed the career of her children just due to her own career in showbiz industry of Pakistan. Now the beautiful Pakistani singer Annie has started disputes and quarrels with her husband taking the same issue to work in the music industry.

Annie Khalid should politely discuss the issues with her husband Noureed Awan to make her relation stronger with her husband instead of having quarrel and disputes on the issue to work in the music industry. It seems that this time she is doing wrong act as she has left her husband alone and came back to Pakistan, while the couple was at their honeymoon in the foreign country.


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  1. Few days back it was a rumor that Annie Khalid is getting divorce from her husband. People should restrain from making these scandals of the Pakistani celebrities.

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