Animal Dresses As Humans: Photography by Miguel Vallinas

Different Animals are dressing up as Human in the exclusive photography by Miguel Vallinas, who is a famous Spanish Photographer and artist. Miguel Vallinas’ Second Skin Photography has become famous in all over the world due to its unique touch and creativity. He has introduced the latest pictures of animals dressing up just like a human.

In the Miguel Vallinas’ second skin photography, you can see different animals in human dresses like Donkeys in Donkey Jackets, deer donning sheepskins coats and swans in the turtle necks. The Spanish Artist Miguel Vallinas has just shown the world how animals will look, if they wear the human dresses by choosing it themselves. It is the weird photography that animals are dressed up in human clothing. I have seen several animals dressing photographs, but these are just amazing.

Animals Dressed in Human Clothing are roaming over the social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The Animal photography has been done by Miguel Vallinas, and he has named it Second Skin Photography. The Animals’ second skin has been used in the weird animal photo shoot in human dressing. You can also say it the half human half animals photographs, in which the human dressing is used for animals.

The fashionable and stylish animals have been introduced by in the Segundas Pieles or Second Skin Photography by Vallinas, and it is unique of its kind. The artist is not creating the funny animals pictures, but he is just telling the world if the animals are awarded with the clothing, then how they will look. If animals will choose the human clothing, then they would look like this. Have a look on the complete Second Skin Photography by Vallinas, and write your comments upon the animal pictures in human clothing.


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