American Hypocrisy At Its Peack Regarding Anti-Islam Movie

The real terrorists like Terry John (PIG) and Sam Bacile (PIG) holds American nationality and identity, continuously making Anti-Islam Movies, which never degrade Islam. While the American leaders are continuously saying that they respect Islam as well as other religions.

It should be realized by the America that their land is being used to dishonor and disgrace Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), which is impossible, But this is the ethical and moral terrorism, which is considered as real and big kind of terrorism. As America can realize Pakistan and other Islam counties that their soils are being used by Terrorist for Drone Attacks, the Islamic world should be united now to realize America that his soil is being used by the PIGS for extremely ethical and moral terrorism, which is against the Islam and its values. It is doing strugle to disgrace Islam by making Anti-Islam Movies, which can never be possible.


They are continuously targeting prophet Muhammad (PBUM) dignity, and this is the main essential part of Islamic faith, and this act of trying to disgrace is truly worst in the universe. The USA should make law regarding movies, that in future any Anti-Islam Movie couldn’t be made by any American person to disgrace or dishonor Prophet Muhammad (PBUM). This is a big crime for in the eyes of Muslims, and the punishment is just hanging till death.

But as it is observed, the American leaders are not interested in making any law regarding Anti-Islam Movie. The American hypocrisy is at its top, and PIGS like Terry John, and Sam Bacile are showing the two sides of the same coin, and Americans can’t give punishment to them. Its only Muslims, who will raise their courage to hang these PIGS till death, so that no one could make any Anti-Islam Movie in future.

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