Amazing Roof Structure of 1,500 Plastic Bottles

Garth Britzman is an amazing designer who made a new recycling and built an amazing roof structure by combining 1,500 recycled plastic bottles. This amazing creativity and structure of the roof is giving the whole credit to designer Garth Britzman.

The Roof Structure of plastic bottles was constructed by the designer, as it was a great use of empty plastic bottles. He built a parking shed or canopy with empty plastic bottles. The bottoms of the bottles are colorful and giving an amazing look. Go through the pictures of the amazing roof structure and pass your comments upon the artwork the designer has put in by constructing the parking roof with 1,500 plastic bottles.

The Garth Britzman has shown the better use of empty plastic bottles of beverages. So if you want to make this creative roof by yourself, you must see the examples pictures to draw your creativity. There are many beautiful roof designs and styles but this is the low cost method, which gives an amazing look to your parking roof.







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