Amazing Human: Alive Without Having Food For 70 Years

Mumbai: Without water and food survival of a life is not possible, but a wondrous man is still alive without having food for 70 years. It is just amazing and unbelievable. If you go through the several wonders of world, there you will see some people who will leave you in deep thinking and gasping with astonishment. Sometimes one can go through a thing or happening which is totally unbelievable. Hence this man is also like a wonder of this universe who is still alive, while he is not getting food for 70 years.

This amazing man is still alive and living in this universe without eating and drinking, and one more amazing thing is the person belongs to earth, while it is impossible to survive without having food and water at this planet. It is hard to believe for people that a person is surviving without having food and water for 70 years.


who belongs to the Ahmedabad district of India. He has not eaten anything or drank water for the last 70 years and still managing to survive in this world. While talking to Parhlad Jani, he claimed that he is surviving due to her spiritual strength. He also added that he is not dependent on food and water, as he can live without having food and water.

This amazing and wondrous man is a yogi. To test her words upon the issue, he was kept in a local hospital, where he was not given food and water, so he managed to live easily without the provision of food and drink. Parhlad Jani calls himself a breatherian, who can easily survive with the help of air and meditation without having food and drink.

When he was going through the test, he was kept under in a place, where the CCTV cameras were fitted into the room. The Sterling Hospital in Ahmedabad was also amazed to see that person who was not demanding for anything for eating and drinking. He was also gone through a thorough medical checkup to determine that which is the main source that is providing the energy and enabling him to survive without food and water.

Baffles Doctors were also amazed to see the man living without food and water. They were just mystified to find the alternate source of energy, which is leading him to survive without food. Otherwise it is impossible for a man to survive without having food and water for last 7 decades.

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  1. Very interesting info!Perfect just what I was really searching for.

  2. Amazing fact and picture of a human, who is still looking healthy.

  3. Science cannot prove this reality, but it is the reality, if he is a Yogi.

  4. Guinness Book of records should take the notice of the person who is claiming to be alive without drinking and eating in India.

  5. Water and food is necessary for life. If there is any reality behind the news, so BBC should publish it and the man’s name should be written in Guinness book of world records.

  6. It may be a fake news. What is the reality? can you prove it scientifically?

  7. It is not funny, but just an amazing picture of a human being who is live without the necessary ingredients of life.

  8. How you imagine this news is authentic. Has anyone gone through the experiment?

  9. Amazing fact of life, which is possible without food and water for a person in India.

  10. Life without eating and drinking. Unbelievable and amazing fact if it is right.

  11. Live without food and water is not possible.

  12. This is the power of Yoga, which is strengthening him to live without having water and food.

  13. He must be a yogi, as he said in his statement. Because it is heard that yogis have some spiritual powers.

  14. Water is a necessary ingredient for life, so how one can survive without having it.

  15. Just amazing and unbelievable news. How one can live without having food?

  16. Its an amazing nude that a person is still alive while he is not getting food and drink since long. Just amazing picture.

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