Amanda Michelle Todd suicide: Anonymous hacker name revealed Kody Maxson

Toronto: One of the fastest hackers groups, the Anonymous has found the culprit behind the Amanda Todd suicide case. She committed suicide before some days when someone uploaded her topless picture on the social networking website.

The culprit behind the suicide is named as Kody Maxon who is a 32-years old man from British Columbia. He is the man who was blackmailing the Amanda forcing her to death or suicide. Amanda Todd committed suicide after uploading her nine-minute video over the web describing the reason of her suicide.

The man committed a big sin by making a new facebook page, inviting her friends to the page, and using her naked chest picture as profile picture. Amanda couldn’t see the rude behavior of man and her topless picture on the web, so she decided to commit suicide. The man who published her topless picture leaded her to suicide. When he uploaded the picture with nude chest of Amanda Todd at facebook, the picture was among the Amanda’s family members, friends and relatives. As she got dishonored among her classmates and relatives by the Kody Maxson, she decided to take her own life.

The picture was taken by a man, when the Amanda Todd was just 12-years old. She went to a chat room, where she met a boy and liked her, after some time he wanted her to flash her breast. The girl went topless for the stranger and it became a reason of her suicide, when the man uploaded her topless picture over the web at Facebook.


The Anonymous group conducted a complete and thorough search for the man behind the Amanda Todd’s blackmail and suicide case and goes even on the pages and chats where she was blackmailed, and finally found the culprit behind the Amanda Todd’s suicide.

According to the Anonymous, they don’t like to deal with police at the initial stage, as the found the culprit and person behind the case themselves. They have some good people working for the protection of kids by providing them the tips for safe browsing.

Canadian high authorities have refused to confirm the man caught by the Anonymous group of hackers. But on the other hand it is a lesson for the young girls, who give their vulgar pictures to the unknown persons, and finally blackmailed like Amanda Todd.

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  1. yes it is a lesson for those girls, who trust the unknown persons and show everything over the webcam. These stripping girls should stop the practice as Todd has left due to getting dishonored by her leaked picture.

  2. The girls who suddenly trust any person over the web, should prevent from showing themselves to the unknown persons. The suicide case of Amanda Todd is a lesson for those girls, who strips over the webcam without keeping in view their honor.

  3. It was a big deal, she met suicide, but it was also wrong act of the innocent girl. But after all its a message for those girls who always looks for mobile cards over the web cam by going nude and strip their tops.

  4. Its one more wrong act by Amanda Todd to choose suicide. In this video she has given a message to girls that never put your honor on the hands of others just for money.

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