All about beauty pageants and beauty contests

Beauty contests are about beauty pageants or a competition, where several girls from all over the world takes position to prove themselves as Miss World, Miss Universe, swimsuit contests, and Miss of country. The beauty pageants take place almost every year, in which several titles are given to the beautiful girls.

About beauty pageants, you can even know more at Wikipedia, where a detailed information regarding beauty contests and beauty pageants is available. But the term ‘beauty pageant’ is usually used, when a competition take place, where girls prove their beauty and become beauty queens.

The following titles are much famous, when it comes to the beauty pageants.

Miss Universe (The title is given to the most beautiful girl of the universe)

Miss World (This title is given to the most beautiful girl of the world)

Miss Bikini Contest (This title goes to the most beautiful girl in bikini)


beside these above mentioned titles for girls, there are several others, which are given to the hottest girls of the world. The titles Miss Universe and Miss World go to every country, from where a girl participate in the beauty contest. The titles are given on the basis of their talking behavior, physical beauty, personality and judges question.

There are some other titles for men also, but these titles are given on the basis of their body shapes and body building. Mr. Asia, Mr. America, Mr World, Mr, Africa and Mr. Pakistan are the famous titles, which go to boys or men. The men can also participate from the several countries in the men world contests.

It is all about beauty pageants, which take place on several occasions and moments. So if you are willing to become Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Bikini; you must maintain your fitness and prepare for the beauty contest. There are several tips and tricks on this topic to be more beautiful and fit. You can go through these tips and trick to become a famous beauty queen of your country.

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