Al-Sajjade: An Amazing Jaye Namaz Tells Qibla Direction

Here is a video of an amazing Jaye Namaz (Prayer Rug), which tells Qibla Direction automatically. This new technology has been invented in United Kingdom. With the help of latest technology used in Prayer Rug, you don’t need to ask for Qibla Direction, as when you put it towards the holy city Makkah, it becomes enlightened. Hence you don’t need to check Qibla directions on Dadar system or with the help of stars, as Al-Sajjade will tell you right direction of Qibla Shareef.

Al-Sajjade is an amazing Prayer Rug (Jaye Namaz), which has become popular due to its uniqueness. It facilitate the Muslims, and tells the right direction to offer prayer. The Jaye Namaz Al-Sajjade is not available in the market, as the manufacturer is collection money to put this in open market.


Have a look on the amazing video of Al-Sajjade Jaye Namaz and write your comments upon this amazing and latest invention.


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