Al-Qaeda women squad – western countries may be next target

Dubai: According to a local news agency, the Al-Qaeda women squad is ready to attack the western countries, as in this video they are standing with dangerous weapons like Kalashnikov, snipers, riffles, and rocket propelled grenades, raising their hands together against the international security agencies.

According to this video as well as news agencies, Al-Qaeda will use these women as their main and dangerous weapons, and these women will launch deadly attacks in the western countries. In this video clip, which has been posted many times on Jihadi websites, you can clearly see the women in veils or Burqas. These women are getting training from the Al-Qaeda leaders making their organization more strong.

The news channels told that this training session was conducted on an undisclosed place, where Al-Qaeda women are getting training to attack their enemy i.e. western countries. The main purpose to train these women is they get less attention as compared to the man counterparts of Al-Qaeda.


According to the Counter-terrorism authorities, they women squad can slip in crowd without investigation and proper checking, and they get less attention than man. These are the walking bomb blasters of Al-Qaeda, who can go anywhere. It will be also easy for women squad to slip from security barricades.

The western world is also raising this point, as they have arrested several women attackers or terrorists from their countries, and they believed that these women belongs to Al-Qaeda. In several countries of west, the instances of female suicide bombers are increasing, who are successfully hitting the targets areas, and destroying the liberty and peace in the western countries.

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