Air hostess Geetika Sharma’s mother commits suicide

After the sad news of air hostess Geetika Sharma suicide, her mother hanged herself till death and committed suicide at her own home on Friday. Geetika’s mother was living with her husband and son in Ashok Vihar area situated in national capital.

Indian Girl Geetika Sharma was an air hostess who committed suicide before, and now her mother has done suicide by hanging herself. The police has started probe (investigation) in this case, and the reason behind her suicide is still undercover.




Geetika Sharma had committed suicide last year after being harassed by former Minister of Haryana Gopal Kanda and a colleague Aruna Chaddha. Both of the culprits have been arrested by the police who were emotional blackmailing Geetika. After 13 days of Geetika Suicide, the Haryana MLA was arrested in the Geetika Sharma suicide case. The hearing of the case was in the court, when her mother also committed suicide.

Before committing suicide, Geetika leave a note, where it was clearly written that the 23-years old girl (air hostess) was ending her life after becoming a victim of harassment by Kanda and Chaddha. Both the culprits are under arrest of police, and investigation is in progress.




Gopal Kanda has clarified his position in the court saying Geetika was a sensitive girl, so she done an extreme act of suicide. The hypersensitive girl was confused and frustrated individual, therefore there is no culprit behind her suicide. The other accused in the case of Geetika Sharma suicide is still being investigated. But the question is rising what is the reason behind Geetika’s mother death (suicide)? The answer is still pending as police is investigating in the case of air hostess’ mother suicide.

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