Ainak Wala Jin Returns at PTV With Second Part

The fictional children series is back again with second part of smash hit “Ainak Wala Jin”, which will be on air soon on Pakistan Television (PVT) very soon.

Ainak Wala Jin in 1993

This was a great serial and owned a matchless popularity in Pakistan. The Serial and its characters like Nastoor Jin and Zakoota Jin which was firstly started in 1993 has won the hearts of audiences, and now it is being started again on PTV with new set of episodes.

Ainak-Wala-Jin-returns-on-PTVReturns of Ainak Wala Jin

The beautiful thing is the main team of second part of the serial will remain the same as previous expect the actors who are old aged and needed to be replaced. The famous actor of Lollywood Shafqat Cheema will be appeared as Villain and Idrees Adil will direct the Drama.

The Drama will be come with more beautiful locations, more fun, and more entertainment. The shooting will be done in Azad Kashmir and other beautiful parts of Pakistan. The Drama has been written by Tariq Sahili, who has added more amusement for all age groups.

Ainak Wala Jin on Pakistan Television (PTV)

The Ainak Wala Jin is expected to be launched on or after Eidul Azha, and the first play will be titled as “Nastoor Jin Ki Wapsi”. This Drama has also running on stage at Alhamra Arts Council Lahore every Sunday to entertain the children, and now it will be up on Pakistan Television PTV, and everyone is waiting to watch it. Whereas my personal consents are concerned, whenever i play this drama, it recalls the days of my childhood, and i feel relaxed while watching this drama serial on PTV. When i was just 7 years of age, i was studied in a tuition and my first Teacher that was a lady teacher, was very friendly with us. When it was 5 PM in evening, she was very punctual to show us the drama in our, as we all were the fans of this play.

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