A Man Got Heart Attack by Gangnam Style Dance

London: A man from London, Eamonn Killbridge suffered from heart attack with Gangnam style dance. He was on the stage at Christmas party, where he was entertaining the people with his gangnam dance. When he tried the horse moves during the dance, which the Korean rapper had done in the video of Psy’s hit song, he suddenly felt chest pain and got dead on the spot by heart attack.

Gangnam style, which had become famous in all over the world has now taken the life of a 49-years old man from London. While talking to the Kilbridege’s wife Julia, she told that Emonn was a great family member, and it was his hobby to dance in the parties to entertain the people. But unfortunately he lost his life during gangnam style dance in a party.



The gangnam style dance had become a popular thing for the boys and girls who love to dance, but the people are shocked that the same dance has took the life of one on the Christmas party at the stage. It has become a controversy about the gangnam style.

It has also been reported that, the Professor Bemard Keavney, who is the consultant cardiologist at Newcastle University had issued that warning to Emonn Killbridge to restrain from the Christmas parties, as these parties are not safe for him. He didn’t take the advice of doctor seriously and got died during a horse move of gangnam style dance.

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  1. It has become the famous dance style in the world. The Psy Gangnam has introduced the house dancing styles.

  2. He may be a patient of heart disease.

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