A Boy Riding World’s Smallest Bicycle: Funny Bikes

Here is an exclusive and amazing video, in which a boy is riding world’s smallest bicycle ever. It looks like a funny toy, but it is not actually a toy, but a complete bike. After seeing this bike one can’t imagine that a boy can balance it, but an adult is riding this bike with full speed and complete balance. I have seen several funny bikes pictures, photographs, images, and videos, but this is really an amazing video, in which an adult is riding the tiny bicycle.

The bike is only few inches off the ground, and it is just an amazing bike, which can be ridden by an adult. This can be said as the smallest working bike in the world, as it is unique of its nature. The tiny bicycle has all the things including pedals, chain, handle, gear and wheels, but it can’t be run on the road.

Have a look on the smallest bike’s video and pictures, and write your comments upon the beautiful and funny creation of a man. The is the smallest bicycle ever, which is just like a human shoes in size.



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