A Bakery Worker Beaten Up by Shahbaz Sharif Daughter

The Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif’s daughter, Rabia assaulted a bakery worker. The mistake of the worker was refusing her to serve because the bakery was closed at that time due to cleaning purpose. After several TV and news channels aired the footage of CCTV camera installed outside the bakery, Shahbaz Sharif took action against the persons involved in this matter.

The camera footage clearly shows that Rabira Imran’s security guards are beating the bakery worker severely. In this footage aired by the different TV channels, Rabia Imran, who is the Shahbaz Sharif’s daugther apparently beating the bakery worker or employee, as the bakery was closed at that time. Chief Minister’s daughter also found in the footage pointing a finger in threatening manner several time at the employee of bakery.

The Rabia was wearing the Hijab, and when she left the shop, the private security guards with police or Elite Force officials came return after some time, called out the bakery worker and beat him outside the bakery. The police officials were in plainclothes. The security personnel bundled the bakery employee into a car and went away.

The owner of bakery i.e. Umer Hussain, reported that the incident took place on 7th October, when a Hijab-wearing woman came to the shop and asked for a cake. The bakery employee replied to came later as the bakery was closed for cleaning up. Two other men were with the lady who misbehaved with bakery worker i.e. Irfan. The bodyguards of Rabia Imran left the bakery after threatening him. Later these two bodyguards came with the Elite Force personnel and asked for irfan and badly tortured him.

An Elite Force official with a bodyguard has been arrested by the police. Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif has taken the strict action against the alleged incident, where the guard of his son in law beat a bakery worker. Shahbaz Sharif was out of country when the incident took place, and it came into his knowledge later, when the news had become a part of media. An FIR has been lodged against the culprits as well as the arrest orders have been issued. The Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif said that nobody is above law, and like these actions are inexcusable. The law shall do what will be right.

Mubashir Luqman also addressed the daughter of Shahbaz Sharif, Rabia Imran today upon the incident, and told her that like these incidents are not good for the party health and immoral. The Elite force officials have been suspended, as they took action against the bakery worker on her order.

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  1. Nisar Me Teri Galyiou pe, Aey Watan ke Jahan
    Chali hey rasam ke koy na sur utha kar chale

    True even today, Sharif should have been out of politics along time ago, nothing but thieves

  2. This is the power of politics and politician that they can beat any poor person with their power. This is actuality and wrong use of power.

  3. It is the wrong doing of Shahbaz Sharif’s daughter who has beaten the bakery worker benefiting from the political power of her father. She should say sorry to the bakery employee.

  4. She is getting the wrong benefit of her father’s political power. But on the other hands, the Elite Force workers who have been dismissed are also at fault, as they were getting the bakery worker out for beating him.

  5. It was just a scandal to rise the name of their son in law.

  6. Before this incident no one knew the Ali Imran, but now he is up to the media news and headlines. This was the main motive behind this incident, which took place in DHA.

  7. This is not just scandal. It is also heard that the son in law of Mian Shahbaz Sharif was not remained in jail as he was out of jail in just one hour.

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