750 Rupees Prize Bond Lucky Draw on 15 January 2013

The National Saving has conducted the lucky draw of 750 Rupees Prize Bond on 15th January 2013. The first prize for Rs. 750 prize bond is Rs. 1,500,000 and the second one is Rs. 500,000. The second prize is awarded to the three lucky winner, while the third prize of Rs. 9,300 goes to 1696 winners.

In Pakistan most of the people save their money in the shape of prize bond issued by the state bank of Pakistan. They get prize bonds according to their worth and save them till becoming the winner of a prize.


This is a 53rd draw of Rupees 750 bond, which was conduced on January 15, 2013. The very lucky winner of the first prize is the holder of the bond number: 714654, while the second prize is given to three lucky winner who have the bond with following numbers.




The complete list of Rupees 750 prize bond winners will be published soon on different websites including Funbench. If you need further details in this regard or prize bond results, you can visit our website on some other time. Prize bond is one of the best way to save your money in the form of cash in Pakistan, as you can also purchase something against prize bonds. So these prize bond prove to be some valuable asset for you, as they also give you cash prizes several times. We at Funbench say congratulations to all the winners of Rs. 750 bonds.

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