3kg heroine recovered – special protocol facility ceased at Airport

Islamabad: Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has directed to conduct full checkup of passengers, after recovering 3kg heroine from a passenger who was going to smuggle. The protocol facility at airports has been terminated.

A passenger was caught red handed while carrying 3kg heroine outside country. The passengers who get VIP special protocol on the airport will even be checked by the Civil Aviation Authority. A notification has been issued by the Interior Minister of Pakistan stating “any airport or aviation personnel involved in providing the special protocol facility to the person who was smuggling the heroine will be held accountable.


The special or extra ordinary protocol is given to ministers, businessmen and political authorities of Pakistan while traveling on the airport. In this special protocol proper checking is not conducted, an officer of Civil Aviation Authority guide you while per-traveling, and the traveler not stand in lines. The passenger got all the facilities which are comfortable to his traveling. These extra ordinary protocol facilities are not provided to the usual or common passengers.

Few months ago an air hostess was caught red handed while traveling with hashish in her pocket. It was also a big scandal of PIA, and this time a man has been caught while smuggling the huge quantity of drugs. Therefore Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has directed all the officers and officials to stop giving the special protocol to any person and conduct a thorough search of everyone VIP or common passenger. It is finalized that no extra-ordinary or special protocol will be given to any person on the airport by CAA.

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