Monthly Archives: March 2013

Mitch Hedberg Joke Pictures on Cameras


Here is a beautiful Mitch Hedberg Joke Picture on Cameras, which can say everything about the joke. The video has also been roaming over the web and social media, where people are talking about the joke of Mitch Hedberg. Mitch Hedberg talked about the job, which someone made with him. …

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Katy Perry Without Makeup Pictures


Here is a funny picture of Katy Perry without makeup, in which her resemblance is truly disturbing. If you have a deep look on the picture, you can imagine that she is becoming transgender, as she is being changed from girl to boy. Katy Perry Without Makeup

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Sherry Rehman Blasphemy Case FIR Scandal


Senior Leader of Pakistan Peoples Party Sherry Rehman has been sued under blasphemy act. An FIR has been registered by Multan Police on the request of complainant Faheem Gill. BBC Urdu reported about the controversy and scandal. Sherry is a Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States, who has been working …

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Curvy Models for Dita Von Teese Lingerie Line Shoot


Most beautiful Curvy Models have been selected by Dita Von Teese Lingerie Line. She is a burlesque dancer, and for her Lingerie shoot, she has selected some voluptuous female body models. Dita Von Teese has made her own lingerie line, and she always hired the curvy models with enough curves …

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LG Introduces World’s Smallest Wireless Charger For Mobiles


SEOUL: LG has announced the world’s smallest charger ever, which is wireless charger for smartphones or mobiles. At World Congress in Barcelona, the LG has announced the great invention by the company in the field of smartphone chargers. The hockey puck wireless charger charges up Qi-compatible devices, dubbed the ECP-300 …

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Amazing Monkey Orchids – Monkey Faced Flowers


These pictures of Monkey Orchids have been collected from the web, and these monkey faced flowers are gifts of nature, which grow in south-eastern Ecuadorian and Peruvian cloud forests. But people are not curious to see them, and they do not go there to see these amazing monkey orchids. The …

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Created Equal Photo Series by Mark Laita


Created Equal is a photo series created by the famous Mark Laita. The Pictures have been created keeping in view equality instead of having different in all of us. We have many different in our lives according to several point of views. But these pictures have been given a name …

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