Monthly Archives: March 2013

Animals: Unexpected Friends Live Together


The animals that are unexpected friends live together. The three predators, lion, tiger and a bear are dangerous animals but live together as friends. But how is it possible that these wild animals are living together like brothers and sisters. They consider the other animals as their rivals, as they …

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Pakistani Actress Noor Third Divorce Scandal


According to a local newspaper, Pakistani actress Noor is getting divorce for third time and leaving her third husband. The scandal or rumor is not confirmed yet. She might have some conflict with her husband and due to daily quarrel and disputes; she has decided to leave her husband by …

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Scientists Discovers Telepathy & Sixth Sense in Rats


According to an amazing search, scientists have discovered sixth sense in rats. Rats have ability to sense infrared lights through telepathy. They belong sixth sense to telepathy, but it is an amazing thing which science has discovered that rats can do telepathy means have 6th sense. The rats have passed …

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Dita Von Teese in Amazing 3D Designer Outfits


The Beautiful and slimmest Dita Von Teese is looking so hot in amazing 3D designer dresses. The outfit she worn is an exclusive collection of the 3d dresses, which are also the expensive one. Dita Von Teese’s dress collection is unique of its nature, as it is coming up with …

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Big Funny Slide Instead of Stairs


A big funny slide has been constructed during guerrilla marketing event by Volkswagen. They encouraged people to take a fast lane instead of moving through stairs. But it is just an amazing idea, which gives people a good time by fast movement. The Big slide instead of stairs was being …

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Christian’s Colony- Houses on Fire in Lahore, Pakistan


Almost 40 houses of Christian community have been set on fire in Christian colony Lahore, Pakistan by protestors on Saturday. According to the media report, almost 3,000 protesters entered the Badami Bagh area and burnt out the houses of christian community. The protesters were not belonging to any political party, …

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Animal Shaped Buildings in the World


The pet lovers have made animal buildings or animal shaped buildings in the world. The amazing and cool designs of the buildings are giving an exclusive look like animals including cat, dog, fish, turtle and goldfish. Animal Buildings have been designed on a beautiful and amazing structure. Some of these …

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