Monthly Archives: February 2013

Top 3 Hypnotizing Gifs Animations of 2013


These Top 3 Gif Images have been collected from Paolo Ceric Blog, which can hypnotize and play with your mind. These latest Gif Animations of 2013 are just coming up at social media, where people are sharing their comments and view upon them. Hypnotizing is an art, which is learned …

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Celebrities in Beautiful Dresses at Oscar Awards 2013


After Grammy and Golden Globes, the celebrities are showing their beautiful and worst dresses on the famous and important award i.e. Oscars. Several celebrities from Hollywood and music industry of America have come up to show their beautiful and hot dresses. Top 3 winners at Oscar awards 2013 are movie …

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Top 10 Worst Party Photos Ever – 2013


Some photos have no quality to publish on the Facebook, but these top 10 photos have made their way being the worst party photos ever over the web. The Facebook page Ronkaan is publishing the funny stuff over the web, which is really appreciated by the page fans. The most …

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Major Electricity Power Outages & Faults in Pakistan


Pakistani nation went into darkness due to the power outages in the country. National Power Control Centre (NPCC) has become faulty, as the apparatus are malfunctioning on Sunday. The electricity in different cities of Pakistan is shutdown. Including Karachi a large part of Pakistan is facing electricity shortages. In Sindh, …

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Top 10 hottest hunks of Pakistan in 2012


Here is the list of top 10 most popular and hottest hunks (male celebrities) of Pakistan in 2012. These men personalities have been involved in news headlines for contributing their skills and efforts in the several industries of Pakistan. The survey has been conducted by the local magazine, which is …

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